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Kansas City Flooring Pros is your number one choice for all residential flooring in Kansas City. Our courteous, highly-trained staff brings meticulous, fanatical attention to detail to every project we service, and our design teams are standing by to help you choose the right carpet, tile or wood floor installation for your home. Your home deserves the best flooring contractors in Kansas City, and at Kansas City Flooring Pros, your satisfaction is our number one priority.
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Why Choose Our Hardwood Flooring Kansas City

Kansas City hardwood is a favorite choice for homeowners, as wood floors are durable and easy to clean. Wood floors also don’t absorb odors from cigarette smoke, cooking, pet stains, and other such debris, and hardwood floor refinishing in a Kansas City home allows you to change the color of your floors quickly and easily. Hardwood floors can even increase the overall value of a house!

At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we offer the most extensive selection of custom hardwood floors, and our design teams work with you to choose a timber color and slat width that perfectly complements your home’s interior. We also specialize in installing hardwood on stairs, for some added style on your home’s staircase. Whatever your dreams for beautiful wood flooring in a Kansas City home, we can make that dream a reality!

Expert Bathroom and
Shower Tile Installation

Leave the job of installing bathroom shower wall tile in a Kansas City to the tiling experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros. Our team is highly trained in the best tile installation methods used today, and our experts can explain the differences between porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, and linoleum tile, so you know which is right for your home’s bathroom.

Not all tile contractors in Kansas City are alike! The installers at Kansas City Flooring Pros never cut corners or rush through jobs, but always take the time needed to completely remove all traces of all tile, grout, and other residues. They will also note if your home’s bathroom floor needs leveling before tile installation in a Kansas City MO home, so new tiles are also even and stay strong and secure over the years.


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