Natural Bamboo Flooring Installation Project in Kansas City, MO

When you want something uniquely different for your home, call the Kansas City Flooring Pros. We offer a vast selection of bamboo flooring installations in Kansas City that delivers a look of luxury you won't find anywhere else. Bamboo flooring installation done by our experts is fast, affordable, and eco-friendly.

The flooring contractors from the Kansas City Flooring Pros have worked with clients from all walks of life. Some want to spend a small fortune on their home improvements. Others just want to get something that looks nice without breaking the bank. Our design team specializes in figuring out what the best choice is for whoever we're working with. We take the time and pay attention to all the little details. Other flooring companies overlook or ignore some of these essentials, and it can be seen in their work. When you tell us your ideas and visions, we listen and offer honest feedback that comes from years of training and experience.

bamboo flooring

We don't like to think of any of our customers as challenging. However,  some of them require a bit more regard to work with. We had one man call us, and he requested to schedule an in-home FREE estimate for a new floor installation. We show up to his home, and we can instantly tell that this man has a unique sense of style. Everything in his house was designed with a distinctive flair that we had never encountered before. 

We followed our typical procedures of measuring out his floor and showing him the options we had for flooring styles. As we were going over the variety of tones, shades, and patterns for carpeting, hardwood, and tile, he kept shaking his head with disapproval. Nothing was catching his attention, and he was getting visibly frustrated. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so we had to act quickly. Our design specialist started showing him what we had available for bamboo flooring installation in Kansas City, and that's when he began to perk up.

Bamboo flooring installation isn't something we do a lot of, but it is something that many of our customers choose when they want something that nobody they know has. We worked with the gentleman until we came up with the right shade and size of bamboo that would coordinate with this existing decor perfectly. The fact that it is eco-friendly was an added bonus to his "green" living preference. We handed him his detailed estimate and he couldn't believe how affordable it was. He instantly signed the contract. We've received many emails from him where he expresses his gratitude and shares that everyone that visits can't stop talking about how luxurious his new floor looks.

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