Cherry Wood Flooring Installation in Independence

At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we have highly-experienced flooring installation contractors that know the methods and products needed to complete cherry wood flooring installation in Independence efficiently and without any defects. We start every project by having a comprehensive in-home evaluation of the room we're going to be working in, and then offer the customer a FREE, no-obligation quote that's customized to the desired flooring style.

After getting a call to go to do a consultation with a new client, we were shocked at seeing the cherry wood flooring installation that they had done just a few weeks earlier. They had explained to us that a flooring contractor came around the neighborhood offering super specials on flooring, and it seemed to them as though these individuals knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, the customer didn't ask about warranties or guarantees of any kind. Their floor was put in, and that contractor disappeared with their money, never to be seen or heard from again.

hardwood flooring contractor in Independence

The flooring installation was obviously done incorrectly because it was already starting to buckle, and there were abnormal gaps in places where it should have been completely sealed off. The homeowner wasn't happy, to say the least, but we reassured them that Kansas City Flooring Pros was the right phone call for them to make.

Our design team experts spent at least an hour going over the various options we have for cherry wood flooring to make sure they were getting the style they wanted at a price that was within their budget. The last thing they wanted to do was lose out on a big chunk of money only to be left with less than desirable flooring. Our flooring experts reminded them that everything we do comes with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE. So there was no way that they would be investing more of their hard-earned money only to be duped out of the high-quality flooring installation that they were expecting to get.

hardwood floor installation job in Independence

We scheduled a convenient appointment time, got the cherry wood flooring installation in Independence done on time, within the original budget amount, and received the approval of our customer before leaving the property. Since then, we've received several referrals from this same particular customer. We don't want anyone to suffer through anything like this again. It just goes to show you that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Cherry wood flooring installation done by the Kansas City Flooring Pros gives your home the look of elegance at a reasonable price. It coordinates with all decor styles and boosts the overall value of your property practically instantly. The high-quality products we use GUARANTEE a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

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