Flawless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project in Kansas City

At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we take pride in being able to do hardwood floor refinishing in Kanas City that goes above and beyond our customers' expectations. We've been doing all types of flooring services for several years now, so we have the experience required to provide a flawless finish every time.

Our highly-trained flooring contractors have worked on some of the roughest looking hardwood floor refinishing projects. There isn't too much that catches us off guard anymore. Some of the homes we visit, it's clear that the owner has done their duty of keeping up with the maintenance necessary to get the most of their existing flooring material. Others, it's apparent that they didn't. That doesn't mean that we can't handle anything that comes our way.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City, MO

There was one client that called us and scheduled a hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City years ago, and we still talk about it. The man mentioned that his floors were in "pretty bad" shape. We've learned that what one person considers to be bad, another thinks is decent. We weren't taking any chances, though. Our flooring team showed up with all the tools and equipment necessary to take care of his home improvement project, and then a little extra just in case.

Upon initial inspection, it was clear the homeowner had tried to complete the work on his own. There were swirls, dings, and significant timber chunks missing. He said that he decided to watch a few tutorials online and then give it a try to save money. It didn't take him long to realize that he didn't know the proper sandpaper to use or pressure to apply to the sander to get the smoothest finish. He even mentioned that the sander actually took off on him once because he couldn't hold his grip!

hardwood floor installation kansas city

His face showed skepticism when we told him that we could make it right, but he hired us for the job, and we got to work. Our contractors used their expertise to fully evaluate and develop the best course of action for giving him the beautiful, polished wood floor that was underneath all the mess. Within a few hours, we called him back in to take a look, and his jaw nearly hit the floor. He couldn't believe that it was even the same room. All he was upset about was that he hadn't called us much sooner.

Kansas City Flooring Pros have several years of experience in completing gorgeous hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City. With our modern techniques and specialized equipment, your hardwood floor refinishing project is virtually dust-free! There's no mess to worry about when we're through. Get started today by requesting your FREE quote!

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