Know Your Choices for Tile Installation in Kansas City!

A new floor or shower tile installation in Kansas City is a fast, affordable way of improving the look of your space in an instant! Old and worn tiles might also be holding layers of dirt, germs, bacteria, mud, and even mold, too ground-in for your household mop or even a scrub brush to remove. New tile provides a clean and hygienic surface as well as an updated style you’re sure to love.

Homeowners today have more options for tile installation in a Kansas City home than ever before, and today’s floor and shower tiles are designed and manufactured for durability as well as aesthetics. However, the one downside of having more options for tile is that you might struggle to choose the right option for your home! To help you narrow down your choice, consider a few details about popular tile choices on the market as well as carpeting, hardwood, and laminate flooring for a Kansas City home.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Installation for a Kansas City Home

Ceramic and porcelain are very popular options for tile installation in Kansas City homes, as both are dense and durable and easy to clean. Both are made from natural clay and kiln-fired, but porcelain is made from a specialty clay that offers more density. Porcelain is also fired longer and at a higher temperature than ceramic.

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In turn, porcelain tiles are often harder than ceramic. This added density provides more durability but can also feel less comfortable underfoot. With fewer surface pits and pores, porcelain traps and holds less dirt and debris but also provides less traction. Also, if you drop a glass on a porcelain floor, it’s far more likely to break than it would on a ceramic floor!

When choosing between porcelain and a ceramic tile installation for a Kansas City area home, consider average foot traffic and other such wear and tear. In a home with large pets, as an example, you might appreciate the density of porcelain. If you’re not overly worried about foot traffic and added wear, consider the more comfortable ceramic option instead.

What Is Laminate Flooring for a Kansas City Home?

Laminate flooring for Kansas City area homes is also quite popular; laminate flooring is built in layers and fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring starts with cheap plywood or another low-cost wood layer, over which is applied a fiber board composite. A photographic appliqué follows, covered by a thin plastic coating.

Laminate flooring in Kansas City provides a dense, durable surface that repels, dirt, dust, and water, and which cleans easily with a standard damp mop. Laminate floors are also typically very easy to install, keeping initial costs low. While laminate is an excellent choice for homes and rooms that see lots of foot traffic, however, it’s typically not as visually appealing as other flooring options.

Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring in Kansas City

Stone tile flooring in Kansas City offers a richness and elegance not easily duplicated. Granite is especially prized for its durability and unique appearance, while other stone options offer easy-to-clean surfaces and a durability that lasts for years.

While you might love the look of stone floors, keep in mind that stone tiles are very heavy; your home’s subflooring might need added bracing to manage that weight, adding to you overall installation costs. Stone also needs consistent sealing and polishing to retain their like-new appearance, which also adds to your long-term maintenance costs as well.

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Vinyl and Other Low-Cost Flooring for Kansas City Homes

 Vinyl and linoleum tile are both affordable and easy to install. Many vinyl and linoleum sheets and individual tiles offer peel-and-stick backings, so homeowners can easily install these tiles themselves, without grout and other such adhesives.

Before you decide on vinyl, linoleum, and other such low-cost options, keep in mind that they might not look as visually appealing as other choices, especially ceramic and porcelain. Both vinyl and linoleum are also typically easier to scratch and might show worn areas more quickly and easily than a dense and durable option.

Also, it’s vital to note that even DIY tiles are often more difficult to install than homeowners realize! Uneven floors might require plywood installation before tiles, to create a level foundation or base for those tiles. Creating even lines that don’t “veer off” in any direction is also more challenging than a homeowner might realize! To ensure you’re happy with your new tile installation in Kansas City, invest in a flooring contractor even for vinyl and linoleum.

Other Options for Residential Flooring in Kansas City

Tile is not always the right option for every room in your home, as nothing beats the softness of carpet or the elegance of solid oak hardwood floors. Many homeowners prefer carpeting at least in a home’s bedroom, because it offers a softer look and feel and also absorbs more noise than most other flooring options. Carpet also keeps rooms insulated, holding your cooled or heated air throughout the year.

The downside to carpeting is that fibers trap and hold dirt, dust, and other debris; carpeting also shows treads and footprints easier than other flooring options. Carpet also holds moisture, making it a poor choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even basements!

Hardwood, like tile, offers a dense and durable surface that’s easy to clean and which doesn’t show footprints and tread marks. Hardwood also holds far less dust, dirt, and other debris than carpeting, for a cleaner indoor environment. Many homeowners also appreciate the elegance of solid oak hardwood flooring, and the fact that you can sand and repaint or stain those floors a fresh new color!

If you’re not sure that a tile installation for Kansas City homes is the right choice for every room in your house, talk to your flooring contractor. He or she can typically suggest the best carpet, hardwood, laminate, or other such option, and explain their pros and cons including their overall durability. You can then choose a floor tile or other selection that enhances your home’s appearance and offers the durability you need at a price you can afford.

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