Timeless Oak Flooring Installation in Olathe

Kansas City Flooring Pros has several color and style options at different prices to suit every budget if you're looking for hardwood flooring installation in Olathe. You can trust in our many years of experience to get it done for you flawlessly, and everything is covered by our WARRANTIES.

At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we have a design team that spends as much time as necessary with every client we serve. We're not like other companies that speed through consultations to get the flooring in so we can take the money and rush over to the next job we have. Oak flooring installation is one job that we do quite frequently, and we offer a variety of options at various price points to meet the needs of every client we serve. During the FREE initial estimate, we give every individual a list of choices for their new flooring so that we can honor our 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE with confidence.

pine flooring in olathe home

Sometimes we have homeowners call us that have no idea about what flooring styles are out there. One of our customers was sure she wanted a new floor for her kitchen, but she was unclear about what direction she wanted to go in. We had a design team member sent over to her property to evaluate the space she was looking at remodeling. With the years of experience, we have as a trusted flooring company, we know what kind of materials work in what areas the best. Her kitchen was the room in her house that got the highest foot traffic, as it was the main entry point for her family and guests. That was a clear indicator that oak flooring installation in Olathe would be her best investment because of its durability.

We still gave her a list of choices to pick from, and explained each one in detail and what it offered. After she took her time going over what was presented to her, she decided to go with what we had suggested. We ordered the materials, showed up at her scheduled time, and got her flooring installation done in the timeframe we promised. She couldn't stop talking about how pleased she was with the natural look and how well it matched her kitchen decor as it was. The customer was even more excited when we told her that if she got tired of it, she could paint or stain it to create an entirely fresh look without paying for a whole new floor.

Anyone that's not aware of what flooring style will suit their property and their budget the best is making the right choice calling the skilled flooring contractors from Kansas City Flooring Pros.

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