Beautiful Shower Tile Installation in Lenexa

The highly-trained professionals from Kansas City Flooring Pros are available to provide you with the bathroom tile installation or flooring installation in Lenexa you've been dreaming of. Your bathroom is already the busiest place in the house, so turn it into your most-loved room in the home with gorgeous new ceramic tile today.

Kansas City Flooring Pros is one of the companies that does shower tile installation in Lenexa using the highest-quality products. We care about customer care and satisfaction above everything else, and that's why we include a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE with everything we complete. Starting with a FREE, in-home consultation, our customers get the personal attention they deserve when investing in any home improvement project. As a locally owned and operated company, we're capable of focusing on one client for as long as necessary to get the finish they're expecting.

bathroom tile flooring in Lenexa

As the number one tiling contractors in Kansas City, we've seen a plethora of bathrooms in all different shapes, styles, and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and that's why everything we do is customized for the job that's in front of us. While some of the techniques we follow are standard for the industry, we never try and force a customer into getting a product or service we think they should have because it's easier for us. We do what it takes to give everyone exactly what they're expecting.

Somewhere around two years ago, we got a call from a homeowner that was working on a bathroom renovation, and they wanted us to do their shower tile installation. We took care of all the due diligence and showed up on the day that their service was scheduled for right on time. The customer had remembered that they had the appointment, but he wasn't prepared to have his kids surprise him for a visit from out of state the same day. He was apprehensive about having us in his home doing the work while he was trying to visit, but we gave him options. We could come back, or we could still get it done while he did what he had to do without causing any disruptions. The bathroom was on the second floor, so he and his family stayed out of the area while our guys went to work. Efficiency is one of the things we have mastered, so we were in and out in a reasonable amount of time. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw all that we accomplished in just a few hours. He was so thankful that he didn't wait and extremely delighted with the outcomes he saw when we were through. His kids showed up just in time to see his improvements.

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