What Is Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Kansas City?

Even the most beautiful and durable hardwood flooring in a Kansas City home will need eventual refinishing, to remove nicks and scratches and create a better surface for a new protective coating. Wood refinishing in Kansas City also allows you to change the paint or stain color of your beautiful hardwood floors, for an entirely new appearance in your home.

While floor refinishing is vital, it does often create quite a bit of dust and debris, which is why Kansas City Flooring Pros is proud to offer dustless hardwood floor refinishing for Kansas City homes. If you’ve never heard of dustless hardwood floor refinishing, note some important details of this process and why it’s preferred by many homeowners and Kansas City flooring contractors alike!

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What is Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Kansas City?

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing for Kansas City homes is essentially the same process as traditional sanding; a contractor uses a heavy-duty belt or orbital sander designed for wood floors in particular. However, traditional sanding results in dust and grit becoming airborne and settling all over your home and even back onto the floors. This means a mess to clean up before paint or other coatings can be applied!

During dustless hardwood floor refinishing for Kansas City homes, there is a special vacuum tube and bag attached to the sanding equipment, so that dust and grit are deposited into the containment unit and not allowed to circulate back onto the floors or settle around your home. A contractor empties the containment unit as needed.

While dustless hardwood floor refinishing for Kansas City homes means less mess and cleanup needed after sanding is completed, note that it’s virtually impossible for a contractor to eliminate all dust and debris during this process. If you’ve schedule wood refinishing for Kansas City floors, it’s still recommended that you remove delicate items and knickknacks and use a thick cloth to cover them as much as possible. Your contractor might also recommend that windows be kept closed so that there is less air circulation to kick up that dust and debris during wood refinishing in Kansas City.

Hardwood Flooring Kansas City

Why Wood Refinishing Kansas City Is Not a DIY Job!

While wood refinishing for Kansas City floors is vital, it’s also not a DIY job! The equipment used for floor sanding is quite heavy and difficult to manage without proper training and experience. Improper use of floor sanding equipment results in deep grooves or swirl marks on the floor, which are typically impossible to cover with paint or other coatings.

It’s also easy to remove too many layers of wood when you attempt wood refinishing in Kansas City on your own, so that you need to replace those floors sooner than you would if you left this job to a professional! Note, too, that wood species all vary in density; a softwood might be easier to ruin with improper sanding than a hardwood, while some very dense hardwoods might need added sanding or heavier equipment. To ensure the job is done right, rely on the experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros for dustless hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City.

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