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When you need new carpet for your Kansas City home, you also need the experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros. Our professional, courteous flooring installers bring meticulous attention to detail to every home we service, and our design pros can help you choose a carpet that is durable, comfortable, and beautiful. Our carpet installation for your Kansas City home will not only add style and elegance to your house, but new rugs will also create a cleaner interior environment that is safer for your loved ones.

When Is It Time for New Carpet in a Kansas City MO Home?

There are many reasons to shop for new interior rugs and carpeting on a regular basis. Carpet fibers hold dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, human hair and skin cells, pollen, cigarette smoke and ash, mud, food spills and stains, and many other unpleasant and unhealthy debris. Over time, these materials get ground into those fibers so that no amount of shampooing can clean your carpet in Kansas City MO.  
The padding under your carpet flooring in Kansas City MO can become damp as well as mildewed or moldy, leading to damaged floorboards and a very unpleasant odor in the house. A fresh carpet installation will protect wood framework from damage and remove those musty odors as well. Not to mention, you can select from hundreds of carpet options, styles, and designs at Kansas City Flooring Pros!
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Should You Choose Carpet Floor Installation?

Hardwood Floors in Kansas City Mo are quite popular today, and they offer some advantages over carpeting. Hardwood flooring in Kansas City is easy to clean, durable, and doesn’t hold the same residues as carpeting. However, there are also advantages to Kansas City carpeting over hardwood. For example, carpeting is often more comfortable underfoot! You might prefer rugs with thick padding if you have infants in the home so that they can easily play and crawl on the floor. Start with carpet installation in Kansas City, Missouri!

Carpeting also holds warmth in a room and provides sound insulation, so it’s often a good choice for bedrooms and especially rooms on the home’s second or third floors. Our flooring contractors can explain the many other differences between hardwood and carpets for a Kansas City home, so you are sure to find the best choice for your house. Give us a call and talk to our carpeting design professionals!
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Let Our Flooring Contractors in Kansas City Help!

Not sure of the right type of carpets for your Kansas City home? Let our experts help! At Kansas City Flooring Pros, our design and installation teams can demonstrate the various types of carpet fibers and explain how each one stands up to wear and tear, and also note which material is softest and the most comfortable under your feet.

Our experts also work with you to find carpet replacement options that easily fits your budget, and help you choose different types of flooring for a Kansas City home. You can then decide on new carpeting that coordinates with a new wood floor installation as well as updated kitchen and bathroom tile. Our design experts will ensure that you’re happy with your home’s new carpets and flooring for many years to come!
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Flooring Styles

From bamboo flooring to traditional hard white oak flooring in Kansas city, our selection of styles are sure to meet and exceed your expectations for your carpet or hardwood floor installation. 


If you're looking for the #1 Kansas City hardwood flooring company, you have come to the right folks. Our contractors go the extra mile to ensure total customer satisfaction with our services.


Laminate floors are inexpensive, durable, and now, stylish! Don't let your opinion on laminate flooring sway you until you've seen our most modern selections and styles.


Tiling goes well in any room, but great for bathrooms and kitchens. They are easy to clean, stain resistant, and look absolutely fantastic. Give us a call to set up an appointment for new tiled floors.


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