Expert, Professional Carpet Installation in a Kansas City Home


Why Choose a New Flooring Installation for a Kansas City Home

If your home’s current carpeting is matted down and dingy, or if you notice a musty and unpleasant odor in the house, it’s time for new carpet installation in your Kansas City house. Old carpet fibers hold lots of dust and debris, and eventually these residues become so ground-in that no amount of shampooing gets them out! A new carpet for a Kansas City home also eliminates unpleasant, musty odors, as well as bothersome mold and mildew clinging to old padding.
Over time, carpet yarn also becomes unraveled and frayed, just like old clothing fibers, and carpet padding can get flattened or become crumbly and broken. Once fibers of a rug and its underlying padding are this worn and damaged, these materials cannot be restored, and it’s simply time for new carpeting in your Kansas City home.
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Our Method for Carpet Installation in a Kansas City MO Home

Not all flooring contractors in Kansas City are alike! Unfortunately, many flooring installers cut corners in their work, especially when it comes to installing carpet. Some flooring contractors might do a poor job of removing old padding, especially if that material is now water damaged and sticks to the home’s subfloor, or they may not remove all leftover staples, nails, and glue. In turn, new carpeting can become uneven and “bunch up” in certain areas, and you might still notice lingering odors from old padding debris.

At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we take the time to remove all traces of old padding, as well as nails, staples, glue, and all other residues under the home’s current carpeting. No detail is overlooked during this process, and we cut no corners when preparing your home for your new carpeting! The home’s subfloor is then clean, odor-free, and ready for a new carpet installation in a Kansas City home.

Expert Installation of Carpets and So Much More!

Carpeting is an excellent flooring option for bedrooms, especially those on the second story of a home, as soft and thick carpet fibers makes a space look and feel warm and inviting, while also insulating against footsteps and other sounds. Wall-to-wall carpeting installation in a Kansas City home is also a favorite choice for a family room, absorbing the sound of a television or stereo and providing a comfortable spot for infants and children who might still play or crawl on the floor.

If you’re not sure that carpeting is the right choice for your entire home, however, the experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros also offer top-notch wood floor installation and can show you an extensive range of porcelain and ceramic floor tiles. Our installation team can also work with you to create a plan for combining both carpeting and hardwood so that your home’s entire flooring is both durable and beautiful!


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