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Hardwood Flooring Installation in Kansas City

Hardwood Flooring Installation Kansas City, MO
For the highest-quality hardwood flooring installation in Kansas City, you need to call the experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros. Our highly-trained and skilled wood flooring contractors bring fanatical attention to detail to every project we take on and can help you choose the right type of hardwood for your home’s new flooring.

Worried about a wood floor installation cost? At Kansas City Flooring Pros, we have the most extensive selection of solid hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate timber-look tiles. We’ll work with you to find a beautiful option that easily fits in your budget. Our experts can also help you determine the most cost-effective and fastest method of hardwood flooring installation for your Kansas City home, so you can finally have those beautiful wood floors you deserve. Call today to set up an in-home consultation!
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Choosing Your Species for Hardwood Flooring in a Kansas City Home

The first step to installing new wood floors is choosing the best species of hardwood flooring for your Kansas City home. After considering your budget, it’s good to note the overall tone of various wood species. You can typically paint wood floors as needed, but investing in a species of wood flooring for a Kansas City home in the natural color you prefer means saving on the cost and hassle of new floor paint over the years. Once you've chosen from our wide range of hardwood options, your hardwood floor installation in Kansas City will be the next step!
Many homeowners today are also very eco-conscious and want to ensure the choices they make for home improvement don’t harm the environment. A bamboo wood floor installation is a favorite “green” choice, as bamboo is quite sustainable and grows quickly. Many floor manufacturers also harvest oak grown in sustainable forests, meaning trees set aside specifically for construction and home improvement. You aren’t typically hurting the environment when you choose oak hardwood flooring in Kansas City. 
Hardwood Flooring Installation Kansas City, MO

Slat Size & Direction for Your Custom Hardwood Floors

Our Kansas City flooring contractors work with each customer to decide the best slat size and direction for new flooring. These may seem like minor details, but they both significantly affect the overall look of your new floor. Narrow slats are suitable for a modern look and smaller rooms, whereas wide slats have a traditional appeal, and will more readily fill a large space. 

The direction of flooring in a Kansas City home also affects its finished style. Installing slats across the smallest dimension of a room may create a somewhat cluttered look. On the other hand, our installers can add length or width to a room, depending on the direction of your wood floor installation. 

It's important to consider all of these details before hardwood floor installation in Kansas City. You wouldn't want to start the process and then wish you did something differently half way through. The installation experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros will happily work with you to choose the right slat size and installation direction, to create the overall look you want in your home.

Opt for Floating Wood Floor Installation in Kansas City

Years ago, hardwood floor slats were typically glued or nailed to the home’s subfloor, one piece at a time. This process is very time-consuming and painstaking, and individually glued floor slats are difficult to remove and replace when damaged. Today, a floating wood floor installation in a Kansas City home is a very cost-effective and efficient installation method; individual slats snap together with a tongue-and-groove design and then fit snugly over the subfloor rather than being adhered to its framework.

A floating hardwood flooring installation for your Kansas City home also may not require removing the home’s current flooring, saving time, waste, and cost! Floating wood floors typically need fewer repairs over the years, as these wood slats have room to expand and shrink as they absorb moisture and then dry out, and can move more freely as the house settles and shifts. Let our flooring experts explain the advantages of a floating wood floor installation in a Kansas City home, and help you decide if it’s the right installation option for your new wood floors.  We provide hardwood flooring installation in a number of surrounding areas as well, so if you are unsure, please check some of our surrounding towns that we service.
Hardwood Flooring Installation Kansas City, MO
hardwood flooring direct sales in Kansas City

Hardwood Flooring Sourced From Local Lumber Yards

If you aren't entirely sure which type of hardwood flooring you are looking for, our personable team of designers can help. We assign you a dedicated project manager who will help with all of your hardwood flooring needs and go over each style of wood we offer. Although we recommend professional hardwood flooring installation in Kansas City, if you are looking to buy hardwoods directly and install it yourself, our warehouse has an extensive selection of products. All of them are sourced from local suppliers that we have worked with for years. There are several benefits of working with a local flooring contractor instead of the box stores. Trust, attention-to-detail, and guarantees are just some of them.

You Deserve Custom Hardwood Floors in Your Kansas City Home

Don’t let the fear of a wood floor installation cost put you off from finally having the timber floors you’ve always wanted. We will work with you to find a wood floor type and style that fits your budget, and that also adds warmth, elegance, and charm to your home.

Our installers also ensure that any hardwood flooring installation for a Kansas City home is done as quickly as possible while being durable and meant to last. You can be enjoying new wood floors sooner than you think if you call us at Kansas City Flooring Pros and let us help make your dream of elegant wood floors in your home a reality. Even if you're just looking for more info, we want to help!
Great flooring contractors! They were extremely professional during the entire process. From the time I called them, through the selection process and during the installation itself. You can't go wrong with this company for your flooring installation needs.
- Claire Norman

Hardwood Flooring In Kansas City & Other Services

Flooring Styles

Not sure which flooring styles you're looking for? That's okay! Take a look at some amazing floor styles from Kansas City Flooring Pros. Our design experts will help you select something perfect!


Hardwood flooring is extremely versatile, easy to clean, and has a timeless look. Make sure to choose the best company for your Kansas City hardwood floor installation service!


If you're looking to maximize comfort in your home, wall-to-wall carpeting is a great option. Our Kansas City carpet installers will do a fantastic job, we guarantee 100% satisifaction!


Sometimes, you need a floor surface that will be extremely durable and easy to clean. Bathroom and kitchens are a perfect example. Get in touch to learn more about tiling in Kansas City.


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