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Installing Hardwood on Stairs

Installing Hardwood Stairs Kansas City, MO
Installing hardwood on stairs is an excellent way to add instant style and charm to any home, especially when you pair those hardwood steps with new handrails and spindles. If your home has an old and worn staircase, note a few advantages of a new wood floor installation on those steps, and some tips for creating a stylish staircase that can be the centerpiece of any home!

Advantages of Installing Hardwood on Stairs

A wood floor installation service on your home’s stairs can cover old, worn, and outdated treads or steps, so your home has an updated look but for far less cost than an entirely new staircase. Note, too, that old and worn steps are not only unsightly but are also a tripping hazard, as aged building materials may tend to buckle or sag and create an unsafe surface for walking. Our wood floor contractors can cover over those aged materials with dense, durable hardwood that is both safe and attractive!
Hardwood flooring in a Kansas City home is also very easy to clean on a daily basis. If you’re tired of lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down your home’s staircase, it’s time for custom hardwood floors and steps! Hardwood only requires a light dust mopping, so you no longer need to worry about using a cumbersome vacuum on your home’s stairs.
Installing Hardwood Stairs Kansas City, MO

Add Style to Your Home’s Staircase

If your home has an open staircase, considering adding even more style to your space with updated railing and spindles. Timber railings to coordinate with new hardwood steps will offer a cohesive, coordinated look. For something unique, you might opt for metal spindles under a wood banister, or have the wood railing painted a bold and unique shade for a fun pop of color.

For an enclosed staircase, our hardwood floor contractors can often expand the last few steps, making them larger and wider, for eye-catching drama and appeal. A custom paint job on the risers, or the vertical parts of wood behind each step, can also create drama and style even in a small, enclosed stairwell.
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Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor Company in Kansas City

Installing wood floors on stairs is not a DIY job. Older stairs may need minor repairs before the installation of hardwood, to ensure the treads are secure and safe. Hardwood itself also requires proper adhesion so that the timber doesn’t begin to loosen and slip out of place, also causing a tripping hazard. Railings and other parts of stairs need design and installation according to local building codes so that your home is as safe as it is beautiful!

Kansas City Flooring Pros is your number one choice for all hardwood flooring in Kansas City, including the installation of hardwood on stairs. Our design and installation experts can work with you to choose the right type of timber and the best color and style to coordinate with your home’s current features, and then install new steps and railings that will create instant personality and charm in your Kansas City home.
Installing Hardwood Stairs Kansas City, MO


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