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Prefinished hardwood flooring in a Kansas City home can add instant charm and personality to any room, while also offering a durable flooring surface that is hygienic and easy to clean. Prefinished hardwood is also faster and easier to install than an unfinished wood floor installation, so you can enjoy your new flooring as soon as possible, even within a day! 

If you’re considering wood flooring for a Kansas City home, note some advantages of choosing prefinished hardwood and why this can be the best choice for your home. You might also consider a few simple tips on choosing the best type of prefinished hardwood flooring material, so you end up with beautiful home floors that you love for many years to come! 
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Understanding Hardwood Flooring Installation in your Kansas City Home

Unfinished hardwood flooring installation in a Kansas City home involves setting down the timber tiles or slats and then adding a top coat of paint or stain, or plain shellac or varnish. While painting or staining hardwood floors after their installation does allow a contractor to choose a color that coordinates well with the walls and furniture in the room, and even apply new paint as needed, this process is very time-consuming. A homeowner also needs to wait for fumes to clear the area and for that wood floor installation to dry thoroughly before walking on their new floor!
Prefinished hardwood flooring for a Kansas City home, as the name implies, is painted, stained, or otherwise coated in a factory, during the manufacturing process. The painted or coated timber is typically dried in a kiln or other such controlled environment, to ensure its topcoat is dried thoroughly. Choosing prefinished wood floor installation service for your new hardwood floors then means no paint fumes in your home and no extended drying time. Therefore, your new floors will be ready sooner rather than later.
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How to Choose Prefinished Wood Floors

To choose the best prefinished Kansas City hardwood for your floors, it’s good to take high-quality photos of a room, including its furniture, artwork, and other such accessories. Use these photos while browsing a showroom, to choose a flooring style and color that coordinates with those details, being mindful of how the room’s lighting affects the look of timber floors. Many hardwood floor companies in Kansas City even offer for you to take home small samples of various types of timber slats, so you can see that wood in the room itself and note the best material and color of flooring for a space.

If you still have difficulty choosing the right type of wood for your prefinished hardwood flooring installation for a Kansas City home, let us help! At Kansas City Flooring Pros, our design and installation experts can explain the differences in various wood species as well as the advantages of solid hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate tile. We can also help you choose a hardwood color tone and shade for your space, so you’re completely happy with your new prefinished wood floor installation. We meet directly in your home so that we can look at the exact surfaces that you would like to install prefinished wood floors on. All of our staff are trained to show the highest level of professionalism when working in your home. Don't hesitate to call and get the facts without the sales pitches.

Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring In Kansas City?

In addition to providing extremely high-quality kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling, Kansas City Flooring Pros also serves customers purchase options for hardwood flooring in Kansas City. Instead of trusting your remodeling to an impersonal corporate box store, consider working directly with a local Kansas City flooring contractor. We assign a dedicated project manager to each job that will assist you in everything from A to Z. That includes giving you free and accurate information when you call. It also includes selling and distributing a variety of prefinished and traditional hardwood flooring in Kansas City. Whether you are looking for the raw materials, or something more, you can purchase a huge selection of hardwood flooring directly from us. Choose from Bamboo, oak, cherry wood, pine, and more!
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Great flooring contractors! They were extremely professional during the entire process. From the time I called them, through the selection process and during the installation itself. You can't go wrong with this company for your flooring installation needs.
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Choosing new hardwood flooring in Kansas City can be overwhelming. If you're looking for assistance with your selection, give the Kansas City Flooring Pros a call today!


If your home does not currently have hardwood floors, at least in some areas, then you are missing out. Not only are hardwood floors easy to clean, they add a ton of value to your house.


Instead of hardwood flooring, some people prefer the feel and comfort of wall-to-wall carpeting. Although they can be harder to keep clean, they are affordable and easy to install.


Tiling is not a DIY job, unless you want to be on your hands and knees for hours at a time. What if something goes wrong, and you don't have a floor? Call a professional for tiling in Kansas City.


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