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Expert Installation for Laminate Flooring Kansas City MO


Laminate Flooring Kansas City MO

Laminate Flooring Installation Kansas City, MO
Laminate flooring for a Kansas City MO home is durable yet attractive, and much more affordable than solid hardwood or stone floors. Installation of laminate floors is also typically much faster than installing other types of tiles, so you can often enjoy your new floor the same day it’s installed! If you’re considering new flooring for your home and aren’t sure if laminate tiles are right for you, note a few advantages of installing Kansas City laminate flooring.

How Laminate Flooring is Different Than Hardwood Flooring Kansas City

Laminate tiles are a manufactured or synthetic floor tile. This flooring starts with a thick, fiberboard sub-base, followed by a photographic overlay, and then a layer of thin but dense plastic. The photographic overlay can look exactly like stone or hardwood flooring for a Kansas City home, but the thick plastic upper layer of laminate tiles makes this material durable and easy to clean.
While it might sound as if laminate flooring is uncomfortable underfoot, note that the fiberboard sub-base absorbs footsteps and sound, and the upper layer of plastic is dense but quite soft! Your laminate flooring is then typically as comfortable as any other flooring installation for a Kansas City home.
Laminate Flooring Installation Kansas City, MO

How Laminate Is Installed

While laminate is different than hardwood in its manufacture, Kansas City laminate flooring is sized just like wood slats or stone tiles. Laminate flooring is then very similar to a floating wood floor installation. Laminate slats are snapped together and then “float” snugly over your home’s current flooring. A floating laminate slat floor can often be installed right over the home’s existing carpeting or tile, reducing installation time, cost, and mess!

A laminate wood floor installation also means no unpleasant paint or stain fumes in the home, and no waiting for a top coat or sealant to dry. Unlike a tile floor installation in Kansas City, you also don’t need to wait for adhesives to set and cure thoroughly before you can enjoy your new laminate floor. In most cases, you can return your furniture to a room the same day as your laminate flooring installation.


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