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Shower Tile Installation

Shower Tile Installation Kansas City, MO
New shower tile installation for your Kansas City home can improve the look of a bathroom instantly, and provide added protection against water leaks and other such damage. Installing wall tile in a shower can also create a more hygienic space in the bathroom and coordinate the shower with a home’s bathroom features or new carpet or wood floor installation!

When Your Home Needs New Shower Tile Installation

It’s time to call tile contractors in Kansas City when any of the tiles in your bathroom are split, cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged, or if the bathroom’s caulk is brittle and peeling. Remember that tile is not added to a shower for decoration, but to protect walls from absorbing water and humidity. Allowing moisture to seep behind damaged tiles leads to soft and crumbly drywall and wall studs, and future mold growth.
It’s also time to consider a new bathroom shower tile installation if the current tile is dingy and dull. Over time, shower tiles develop surface pits and pores that hold ground-in dirt and mold. When no amount of bleach or scrubbing removes that residue, those tiles need replacing. Installing wall tile in a shower will then create a cleaner atmosphere in the bath, without residual mold and other such contaminants.
Shower Tile Installation Kansas City, MO
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Choosing Bathroom Shower Tile Installation to Match New Floors!

If you’re considering a stone or wood floor installation service for a Kansas City home, it’s good to consider new tile in the bathroom as well. When carpet or hardwood flooring becomes old and worn, there’s a good chance that bathroom tiles also need replacing.

Putting tile in a shower in a Kansas City home along with new carpeting or a wood floor installation also ensures that all materials coordinate and offer a cohesive, attractive look. Warm stone shower tiles can complement a new wood floor, or you might opt for classic subway tiles for a clean and modern look, and to match new gray carpeting. Whatever your choice, choose a shower floor tile installation while selecting other home flooring, so all your options are a perfect and beautiful blend of color and style.

The Best Shower and Floor Tile Installation in Kansas City

Installing tile on bathroom floors or along shower walls is not a DIY job. Tiles need a certain amount of grout to adhere firmly without peeling away from a surface and to ensure there is a tight seal against the tile and the building materials behind it. Putting tile in a shower in a Kansas City bath also needs to be done according to local building codes so that all nooks and crannies are covered, avoiding water damage to the home and future mold growth.

Kansas City Flooring Pros is the highest-rated tile contractors in Kansas City, and we can help you choose the best tile for your bathroom floor and shower surround. We also offer the most extensive selection of tiles available, and our courteous, highly-trained staff brings meticulous attention to detail to every project we service. For a top-notch shower tile installation in your Kansas City home, call us today!
Shower Tile Installation Kansas City, MO


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